Unbaised Review of 1&1 Hosting

1&1 is one of the oldest web hosting companies in the business. They have been offering a wide range of products from hosting to domain names to complete website packages since 1988. Since then, they have grown into a super power in the world of hosting and they have the highest level of advertisements in terms of TV spots, page ads etc. They have been the leading provider of domain names and slowly becoming the leading hosting provider as well. Here is a comprehensive review of 1&1 hosting:


The company started as a hosting provider, but now they provide everything that is needed to run an online business. They are the largest domain name registrars and offer 1 year domain free with every hosting purchase as well. All the products are integrated with each other, which is a big pro for everyone. Daily server backups are available along with various scripts and applications that the users can install at the backend. Their website builder tool is top notch and you get unlimited emails and some ad credits as well.


In terms of performance, there is no match for 1&1 hosting. They are certainly the best with no significant downtime for any user. They claim to verify the uptime of 99.9%, which is the industry standard and from the looks of it, all the websites on 1&1 hosting have 99.9% uptime. The server speed is also unbelievable. In the performance tests, it was found that their server delivers the website to the browser at blazing fast speeds, which is a good sign.

Customer Service:

1&1 Hosting has 24/7 phones that are actually answered by them. The conventional live chat, email, and ticket service options are still available, but having a 24/7 phone line to answer customer queries is a big plus for 1&1 hosting. Other than that, the customer support executives are very knowledgeable and easily guide you through solving a problem as soon as possible.

Backend Manager:

The only downside of 1&1 hosting is its backend manager. It doesn’t use the industry standard cPanel for their hosting management. Instead, they have their own proprietary backend manager, which is not that user friendly. If you have never used hosting before, you would face a lot of problems when using 1&1 hosting platform as the backend manager is quite confusing and most of the time they are trying to upsell their products and tools.


Even after so many years of service, 1&1 Hosting has never disappointed in terms of prices. They offer really cheap hosting for the first twelve months and then after a year, the prices increase. Even after the increase in prices, they are more affordable as compared to other hosting. Their lowest plan costs just $0.99/month in the introductory offer and $7.99/month generally. The pro plan costs $8.99/month for the first 12 months and then it costs just $14.99/month.

Apart from the horrid backend manager, the entire 1&1 hosting experience is excellent. If you are setting up a website for a small business or individual personal website, you won’t find a more reliable and budget-friendly host in the market. Everything from performance to features offered are a pro in 1&1 hosting, which makes it the top hosting for us.

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