Netfirms Black Friday and Cyber Monday Promo Code 2017

Netfirms is one of the newer hosting platforms in the hosting business but they have made a great name for themselves. With undisputed reputation and unrivaled technology, the company has gathered a loyal customer base and are expanding it ever since. Every year more and more customers join Netfirms and stay there due to the competitive pricing and unlimited shared hosting options.

Netfirms is powered by a Tier 1 data center, clustered hosting technology and their flagship control panel. The control panel is really easy to navigate and use, especially for someone who has never dealt with hosting before. The services and customer support provided by Netfirms is at really affordable prices. The competitive pricing has allowed them to garner a lot of users. They offer 24/7 support via live chat, phone and email and are really helpful.

The company offers three shared Linux web hosting plans. The plus plan costs $4.45/mo, the advantage plan costs $8.99/mo and business plan costs $12.99/mo. Depending upon your usage in terms of disk space, bandwidth, databases and other resources, you can choose the plan that suits you best. All plans can host unlimited domains.

If even this price looks steep to you, you can save money by using the following Black Friday and Cyber Monday Promo Codes:

Netfirms Black Friday Promo Code 2017

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Netfirms Cyber Monday Promo Code 2017

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Stay tuned for more offers and exclusive discount promo codes for Netfirms hosting.

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