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BlueHost is a great hosting provider, which offers hosting services particularly designed for businesses that require a bit of assistance with the setup. It does a commendable job when it comes to balancing the prices of the hosting services and the features that they offer. Therefore, it is one of the most budget-friendly web hosting providers.


  1. Affordable- The first thing that makes BlueHost desirable is its cheap price. It provides the best services at nominal prices.
  2. Functions- All the functions that are a part of the offerings by BlueHost are great. They provide the customers with the most basic and essential utilities, which can help them to develop their business and operate a website that is fully functional.
  3. Reliable- BlueHost is a really old company and it has managed to retain its reputation in the eyes of its customers since the time of its inception in the year 1996. At the moment, BlueHost is a web hosting provider to millions of customers.
  4. Customer Support- Another great feature of Blue Host is its excellent support team. The customer support team is available round the clock and caters to the queries. They make sure that the problems of the customers are understood properly and then solved at the earliest.

Type of Hosting

Some of the different types of hosting that are provided by BlueHost are:

  1. Shared Hosting- Shared hosting of BlueHost is perfect for small businesses looking forward to save their expenditure. Under shared hosting, there are three types of plans available. The Starter plan is priced at 3.95 dollars a month, the Plus plan is priced at 6.95 dollars a month and Business Pro plan is priced at 14.95 dollars a month.
  2. VPS Hosting- A medium or a large scaled business can use VPS hosting. It adds more power to the website of the customer and increases flexibility. VPS hosting appropriately manages the traffic that is coming to the particular website and makes sure that your site does not become slow or malfunction in any way. There are four plans that are offered under this category – Standard, Enhanced, Premium, and Ultimate.
  3. Dedicated Hosting- Large enterprises and companies implement dedicated hosting for running their websites. It enhances the performance of the website and adds more security as well as control. With your own server to work on, the customer website starts functioning in a better way and increases productivity and efficiency. The dedicated hosting is available in three plans – Standard, Enhanced, and Premium.
  4. WordPress Hosting- Most people nowadays work on WordPress more than any other platform. BlueHost has created and designed a great infrastructure that adds to the utility of WordPress. It makes it faster, user friendly, and more secure.

These are some of the reasons why BlueHost is still very popular amongst customers for its web hosting services.

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